Ways To Clear Your Energy

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For this week's collective reading message, Spirit has directed us to upkeep ourselves energetically. Here I will provide a few ways to do so. You can do this regularly and it is highly encouraging to place this as things to know. If you haven't yet seen the collective reading (see above) visit my Youtube Channel or IGTV.

One way is to utilize crystals. Crystals such as Clear Quartz or Blue Kyanite are extremely helpful in not only clearing the vibration of your home but on yourself too. Using a crystal wand or any at hand and passing it over yourself from top to bottom can help cleanse your aura. The same applies to carry crystals with you. To recharge your crystals you can place them near a window or outside underneath a Full Moon or under direct sunlight.

The second way to clear your energy is to use items such as an egg or vegetable. Eggs are very popular in cleans your energy. Adding ingredients such as cascarilla by rubbing it on the egg and then passing it over your body while praying can remove negativity and/or declutter your aura. Common prayers that can be said is the Lord's Prayer or any prayer you are accustomed to saying to release negative energy well be effective.

Finally, a spiritual bath! You have heard me mention some recipes in my videos. Here is another recipe to help release clutter and/or negative energy. Only two ingredients needed: eucalyptus & bay leaf. You can find both in the grocery store either fresh or dried. Dried is easier to come by and make large amounts of baths. When using dry herbs it is best to boil like a tea. Once boiled the herbs can be strained and the liquid poured into a bottle or gallon jugs to be stored in the fridge. When ready to use pour the liquid into a large bowl in which you will take with you to shower. After taking a normal shower, pour the contents from the bowl on your body from the shoulders down. When working with fresh herbs, it is best to place in a blender filled with water and then blend. The contents can be strained as well and followed by putting the liquid into a bottle or gallon jug in the fridge.

Added note, Spirit continues to encourage us to feed the road. To know how check out the previous blog post!

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