"Spiritual Development of Mediums - Part 2" by Sixto Novaton (Baba Sixto)

As mentioned, dedication of mediumship requires much dedication, discipline, & devotion

needs to take place which does not permit delay or procrastination. When an individual identifies themselves with medium abilities they need to seek proven professionals, which can guide them properly. Week after week, a process from start to finish, until the medium has assimilated the channeling.. i.e.. the process in and out of spiritual possession. Mediums, I believe are born to become mediums. Everyone can become clairvoyant. I can not emphasize enough from start to finish, the process must be completed.

Mediums - a person claiming to be in contact with the spirits of the dead and to communicate between the dead

and the living.

Clairvoyant - a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory.

Psychic - relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, esp. involving telepathy or clairvoyance : psychic powers; a person appearing or considered to have powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, or medium.

Medium is more specific to the contact of spirits (see definition). Yet, clairvoyant does not. Psychic includes them both. In all instances mediums are natural clairvoyants or psychics which are also touched with the added gift of spirits, entities, forces, or energies being able to mount them. Notice the keyword here "mount." This is a term which I grew up hearing many times. She is being mounted by this spirit or that spirit. He is being mounted by his spirit so & so(name). The individual or medium is referred to as the horse. He is the horse of such & such spirit. She is the horse of such & such; are the terms or terminology in which I grew up listening too, in conversations.

"symbiosis |ˌsimbēˈōsis; -bī-|

noun ( pl. -ses | -ˌsēz|) Biologybinteraction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups : a perfect mother and daughter symbiosis.


symbiotic |-ˈätik| |ˈˈsɪmbaɪˈɑdɪk| |-ˈɒtɪk| adjective

symbiotically |-ˈätik(ə)lē| |ˈˈsɪmbaɪˈɑdək(ə)li| |-ˈɒtɪk(ə)li| adverb

ORIGIN late 19th cent.: modern Latin, from Greek sumbiōsis ‘a living together,’ from sumbioun ‘live together,’ from sumbios ‘companion.’

antibiosis |ˌantēbīˈōsis; ˌantī-|

noun Biology

an antagonistic association between two organisms (esp. microorganisms), in which one is adversely affected. See also symbiosis .

The development of the medium involves the coupling and adaptation to a symbiosis. It is important to understand the meaning of symbiosis or symbiotic. It is not to be confused with antibiosis. The emphasis is put on symbiotic because acceptance of living together for mutual benefit is the key. As opposed to antibiosis in which the living or coming together to be adverse. Can the relationship at one time become adverse? Yes, it can and I will explain further on in this article.

The living host has to agree to allow itself to be mounted. This of course is because we as entities ourselves have the free will to choose. Yes, we have the choice to shut off continuing our development. During the developmental stage. The symptoms all though might seem adverse, are no more than the body, mind, and spirit becoming accustomed too entering and leaving each other. For example, when you first learned to ride a bike, or drive a car. The shakiness in steering. The going off the side of the curve. Bumping the car next to you a little bit when parking. The near miss accidents etc.. The individual can experience many ordeals. Some more popular are epileptic like convulsions. Others include, shakes, shivers, and soft agonizing or humming sounds. As the spirits begins to take control of the body, the facial feature changes. So, does the voice. Sometimes, there is crying, laughter, or sighing expression. Then, there is a calm or pause, and then the entity speaks. The first thing that they should say is "Good Day, Afternoon, or Evening, to all present." Followed by, "Peace be with, you." the response: " And also with you." "May the mercy of God, the Lord, or Holy Spirit be upon us." the response: "And also with you."

The entity is to speak their name, and explain for what purpose, it has arrived. It then delivers the messages to all those present for whom there is a message for. The entity closes by saying that it is time for it to leave; bids farewell blessing everyone; giving thanks to their horse for allowing them the opportunity to be made manifested; in order too perform their duty. Everything is very proper, very polite, very conscious of everyone present, everything going on. Unlike, in exorcisms where you have to empower the dark forces into giving its name, the reason for it manifesting. Spirit Guides, and spirits of light, relish on truth. They call for mercy to be bestowed upon us. That we continually repent for our sins committed. There is no mischief, no lying, and most of all no embarrassments. They would not saying things to people about their private lives in front of others to show off, or induce suffering.

The lengthiness of the developmental stage process varies with individual. Part of the process is to be challenged by the dark forces as well. This is why it is so important that they have with them proven experienced mediums with the strength and fortitude, to cast away the dark forces. Oh yes, exorcisms will be experienced during this process. There will be encounters with unclean spirits, demons, entities, or energies, which will induce the medium in acting sexually perverted, violent, or glutenous. Here is where emphasis needs to be placed on purity and the calling upon the pure spirits to combat the dark. This is the period must frightening, most sensitive, and filled with trials and tribulations. The individual has to endure this period, while still trying to keep or maintain a normal life. Very difficult, because spirituality is a 24/7 situation. The inexperienced medium will still not have control of their wits, or hold back an entity from trying to mount them. They can not as of yet control any of many sensations, bodily gestures, and or attacks. Spirits or energies will attack them in moments in which they are vulnerable. They most endure many unpleasant embarrassing moments in public places, with friends, & family at home, etc. There is no right or wrong time of day. The mentors have to be at a moments call in order to assist the novice medium. It is the right thing to do. It is the responsibility of the community of mediums to support and come to the aid of a fellow medium unconditionally. At least this is how it was back in the day. The spiritualist motto, "We work in the name of Faith, Hope, and Charity; in order to promote Faith, hope, and Charity."

Today, it has become an economic issue in order to bring about the development of a future proficient medium. Because of the economic burden put upon upcoming mediums. Most are left short, without completing their process, and have to complete the development on their own. If left during those turbulent times the medium will be adversely affected. Here is what was meant by being adversely affected. The coupling not come to fruition. Both, the spirit and the medium are left hanging. Here is where the medium either does not give up in trying to find someone to help them. Or, to find someone with the necessary experience and knowledge of releasing the obligations and responsibilities of the symbiotic relationship which needed to be forged. Before it turns to an antibiosis. It is better to bring to a closure the inability to complete the transition than, to keep the medium in limbo. I say this, because the medium will always become susceptible to dark forces. Plus, inexperienced in handling themselves or others, would lead negative consequence in the individuals future or destiny. Yet, if they don't deter in their resolve towards acquiring the knowledge experience and base. The benefits will outweigh all that they have been through.

How is it done?

Begin by identifying mediumship qualities. They are:

You see, listen, understand, and speak to spirits. You can relate messages to people and not know why you are telling them this for. You blank out when speaking to someone. Then, when you come back the person freaks out because what you told them was profound. You have episodes of epileptic tantrums, so they seem to be. You have been taken in and out of psyche wards, and science or medicine can not find the answer to your blanking out or epileptic condition. When in church you speak in tongues. Yet, other languages too. People become afraid

of you because of the things you say. You only find peace when you pray. Finally, the most obvious. If your parents have had to call in a priest to perform an exorcism. These aside from what was mentioned above.

The going into a daze or dream state most of time. Started out in one place, noticed that you ended up in another, and you were not sleep walking. Outburst of anger, laughter, weeping due too overwhelming sorrow. People thinking your are crazy or maniac. These are what I have noticed or witnessed.

The process aforementioned above. Requires adjoining a group of professional mediums with the wisdom, and years of experience in field work, that would not leave you hanging. You would need to live within the same town or close vicinity. You are to follow in their footsteps, and work with them not only in your development. But, in the development of others. You are to attend as many spiritual gatherings and seances as necessary until you are completely and fully developed. You are to learn how to conduct gatherings and seances for yourself and others. You are to acquire the necessary spiritual strength and experience to preform exorcisms. True mediums do not only speak to spirits, they learn how to fight the demons and dark forces too. On a number of times, I had witnessed my grandmother's get rid of evils spirits that have been haunting an individual. These spirits imbedded themselves within the persons psyche become a second or third personality. Today, most people coup with these conditions by way of a medicine or psychiatric treatments. Yet, when do the treatments themselves work? Or, when do the psychiatric treatments make the individual worse. I believe that there is a need for both. Because, there are as many individuals in this world, as there are exceptions. I have seen that when the spiritual treatments do not work. Then, it has become a medical issue and vice verse.

In closing, I would just like to say what my great grandmother once said. "I do not charge for my work, the spirits that work through me are the ones that charge." People used too, shower my grandmother and great grandmother with gifts, donations, and what ever they felt to give from their heart. They were never with needs, and because of this, they always had much to give to those in need.

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