"Spiritual Development of Mediums (Part 1) - My Family's Story" by Sixto Novaton (Baba Sixto)

As a child I always grew up hearing the stories of my paternal great grandmother and great great grandmother. These two women were an inspiration, and even though both had passed on before I was born I could never deny I still felt that I physically met them. My father tale of their journey and work as mediums lives on in my heart and memory. When the time came for me to take my development serious, I looked to their stories as encouragement and guidance. The post you are about to read was written by my father Baba Sixto. Due to its original length it will be divided in two post. First blog post is the story of my ancestors. The second is the breakdown of what mediumship is and what consist in the development of mediumship. From these readings I hope (as so do my father) that people can gain a deeper understanding in the work that comes with connecting with Spirits and Divinity and in the end feel inspire to pursue their own development.

- Nicole Novaton (Apetebi Iyamile)

Growing up and around mediums. I have seen the spiritual development of novice mediums to the point of guiding a few of my godchildren through their own development process. The seasoned veterans which I grew up with, great grandma and grandma seemed to make the channeling of spirits effortless.

They had told me that the beginning stages of development were not so easy. For one, my great grandmother mentioned that her first encounter with channeling was at eight years of age. My grandmother had mentioned her first encounter was at about fourteen. My great grandmother, Juana Poso, was born in 1895 during the height of the war of independence in Cuba, from Spain. Plus eight years, would have made it during 1903. Most likely developed by her mother and friends of that time Oriente Province city of Santiago in Cuba. My grandmother, Isabel Santi Esteban, was born in 1920. She first started her development in 1934, again Oriente Province city of Santiago in Cuba. Most likely with my great grandmother and her spiritual friends of those times. I witnessed my older sister's development hands on at 15. It was during 9th & 10th grade years of high school. This was during 1975 & 1976, and she was developed by our grandmother, great grandmother, and her friends at the time. Notice the chain, mediumship is passed down from generation to generation. For a medium to be born, there had to have been a medium in their blood line, no matter how many generations a go. Ours is a mixture of African, Spaniard, and Taino Indian, a little Chinese and Haitian in there too. You see, we actually got to know our great grandmother from 1972 till 1978, the year she passed away.

She arrived in New York in 1972, by way of Spain. In1968 was the last year in which cubans had direct flights off the island. After that it was by way family solicitude third country visa's. Her exit visa off the Island was granted by way of Spain. She was an amazing woman whom had lived a spiritually rich adventurous life. She was 83 years old when she calmly and peacefully passed away in a bed, at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. She woke up, and had her favorite breakfast prepared, Coffee & milk, soda crackers with real butter. Not that margarine stuff that was not butter as she called it. She called me and asked to call on her daughter and all the grand children. So, I did. She mentioned that she loved us all, and that this would be the final day that she would be physically among us. We of course did not believe her. She was freshly bathed, with her favorite perfume and talcum on. She took off her 18 carat cuban link, gold chain, and medallions. One of St. Lazarus, the other of Our Lady of Charity. She handed them over to her daughter my grandmother. Then, said please call the nurse, after the nurse arrives and checks my vitals it will be time for me to go to the hospital. So it was said, so it happened.

Juana Poso- Santi Esteban. My father's great grandmother

Next thing you know there was an ambulance taking her to the hospital. I am to transition in the hospital, she said. Not at home where all of you will be grieving. We were grieving already anyway as she left. It happened just as she called it. This was my first noticeable encounter with such profound spirituality, I was 16 years old at the time. Can you imagine, I said to myself, she actually new she was to die that day. She did all the things she needed to do for that day, said what she needed to say. Then, transitioned. My grandmother told me later, that while in the hospital she just gently closed her eyes, as if going to sleep. I morned her for a few days. Then, she appeared to me in a dream, on the third day after her burial. She was in her rocking chair. She said to me.. please do not morn me, I am doing well. See, how I am not unhappy. I will be looking after everyone from here now. She, sat up from the rocking chair and said. I must leave now, I am being summoned by the lord and his angels. She just drifted up to the clouds.

Isabel Santi Esteban - Novaton, my father's grandmother

During the years of my sister's development cycle. There were moments in which I would look at her face, and notice a strange change. She would go blank yet, with her eyes open. Other times, we would be talking and she would go into a daze, loose track of the conversation and time. Crossing the street to get to school, I would have too hold her hands and guide her. Without, she would just take off and cross the street not minding the cars which were passing close by her, near misses to be more exact. Between classes, I would make sure that she walked into the correct classroom, or did not wonder off. Only to find herself on the other side of school, wondering how she made it there. I was in charge of nothing happening to her during those years of coupling with her spirit guides. I am happy that she had me there. But, even more so the grandma's. Because it was their working efforts, week after week, which gave her understanding, enlightenment, & strength, to become the medium which she is today. Others, born with this gift yet with no elders to mentor them, have a much more difficult time. It is doable by oneself, but much more grueling.

The period of transitioning, adaptation, acquiring the discipline, understanding the responsibility of this gift. Is not a joke, and for anyone to take lightly. There maybe many which fake this kind of stuff in order to impress or rob people of their cash, preying upon their faith, feelings, and need for information from the other side. Yet, sooner or later the phonies or fakes are found out. "Between heaven and earth, there is nothing secret; Ifa proverb otrupon sa."

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