Ancestral Elevation Ritual

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

This blog post contains details on how to perform the Ancestral Elevation Ritual. This is part of the Ancestor Elevation Challenge, which begins October 24th and ends November 2nd. Please be sure to review the blog post for full instructions and download the PDF document for a list of prayers.

Growing up in Santeria & Espiritismo the spirit realm was never too far away. In the realm of spirits, a particular group that is close to us our ancestors. The ancestors can range from those whom we share blood relation to those that are linked via a spiritual lineage. Ancestral veneration has existed across numerous cultures. To venerate means to showcase great respect. Why is ancestral elevation important? As mentioned, the ancestors are the closes spirits to us. To elevate them means to assist in their continued progression in the spiritual realm. As the ancestors progress they can be strengthened to assist and intervene on our behalf for any situation. Also, by elevating our ancestors we can help heal generational wounds. One of the simplest forms of elevating ancestors is via prayer. In Espiritismo, prayer as a practice helps with the development of mediumship abilities, forging a connection with the spirits, and elevating your own spirituality & the spirits that walk with you. For the ancestors or any spiritual entity to intercede, they must be called. Prayer is a form of calling.

Here is a simple, yet effective 10-day elevation ritual that anyone can perform. This ritual I learned from my family and we would often use it as a way of elevating spirits in need of light. This ritual can be performed any number of times throughout the year. It holds a special place during the fall season, especially if performed leading up to the Day of the Dead (November 2nd). This specific day is well known for ancestral veneration. Note that a formal altar is not required to have in order to perform this ritual. This ritual can be applied by anyone regardless of culture & race.


Fill a glass with water and then add the following items into the glass: alum stone & egg white. Set up the 9 bricks in an area that will be undisturbed. In the event that you do not have bricks, you can use books instead. It is safe to do this ritual outdoors or near an altar space. With the bricks placed & glass prepared, next on a piece of paper write the names of any known ancestors. If specific names are not known you can dedicate the ritual to a specific side of the family. For example, if you seek to focus on your maternal side then the following is written: "To my maternal family: (insert here enter last names)”. The same is applied to the paternal.

DAY 1:

Starting from the ground place the prepared glass & lit candle on top of the piece of paper. We begin from the ground because that is closed to the dead. If the ritual is being performed indoors and over the carpet, you can utilize a plate or thick coaster to place underneath the glass candle so as not to stain your flooring. With all items placed begin reciting the following prayers:

· Opening Prayers – The Call

The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, & Glory Be

· Middle Prayers – The Offering (all of the below prayers)

Liturgy for the Day of the Dead

Litany for the Dead

Alan Kardec “Prayer for Those No Longer on Earth”

· Closing Prayers – The Seal

The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, & Glory Be

The prayer structure is important because as noted the opening serves as “The Call”, which is to grab the ancestor's attention. The middle is "The Offering" which are the core prayers to trigger the elevation process. Finally, the closing prayers "The Seal" which is to close and seal the offering & ritual. Now, this completes day 1. On day 2 recite the same prayers as before only now once done you take your first brick and place the candle, prepared glass, & petition on top of the brick. The same process is repeated, each day as the prayers are completed a brick is added and the items are raised on top of the new brick. By the 10th day, you will find that all 9 bricks have been stacked and the items raised to the top.

Each day of this ritual serves as a day that one is elevating their ancestors. To dispose of, the glass of water is to be poured on the ground thus offering nourishment to the Earth and the dead. The candle if in a glass is to be thrown away properly in the trash, preferably recycled. The paper with the written names is to be burned and scattered to the winds facing West.

Four Day Condensed Version

In the event one can not commit to the full 10 days, you can condense the ritual for 4 days. On day 1, begin on the ground and perform the same procedures as above. Day 2, perform the same procedures, but instead of adding 1 brick or book, you will add 3. Day 3 same as performing and then add an additional 3 brick or book. Day 4, the same process, and then adding the final bricks and books. Candle & Glass libation is to remain along with petition paper until the candle runs out. The disposing of materials is the same as instructed above.

For the prayers of the Ancestral Elevation Ritual, please download the file attached to this post.

Elevation Ritual Prayers
Download PDF • 3.30MB