I'm Nicole I. Novaton, or known as Apetebi Iyamile. I am an initiated Orisha priestess (Olorisha) in the Yoruba Lucumi traditions (Cuban Santeria) and a certified Reiki Master-Teacher.

I was raised in a family that came from a long line of initiated priest and priestess. Growing up, surrounded by Orisha's, spirits, and mysticism was a norm. When I came of age and moved out to attend university, I took it upon myself to continue nurturing my spirituality. From 2008-2015, while invested in school and career I dedicated time to focus on my spiritual development via prayer practice, honing in my divination skills, and continuing the prescribed spiritual work of my Lucumi upbringing.

Since 2015, I have been a spiritual worker providing services such divination/readings, home clearings & blessings, energy clearing rituals, and mentoring others on developing their spirituality. During this time of service I continued my own development. In 2017, I became a Reiki Master and was officially initiated as a Yoruba-Lucumi Orisha priestess of Oshun. 


As a spiritual worker and initiated priestess I value integrity, love, honor, and respect.  And it is these core values I bring to everyone of my clients be it for divination readings or energy healing.